The following exercise is from the book, “Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom” [Book 2 in the Reiki Healing Series] by Tina M Zion.

Chapter 5 – Your Daily Energy Shower – It is Vital
Most of us take a shower or bath daily to keep the physical portion of ourselves clean. It is even more important to cleanse our energy field.

Human Toroidal Field
Along with our breath and breathing patterns, let’s look at a particularly effective energy pattern for every single living human being. This energy pattern, called the human toroidal field, is directed by our breath and it is like taking a daily shower. This information will assist all of us as vital, healthy, spiritual, and physical beings.

How to Run Your Toroidal Field
Important: [Tina]
The diagrams above are not a protective barrier. The images are meant to display the upward flow of breath, exactly like that of a fountain. [Tina, continue] I am not one to ask people to protect themselves with bubbles, crystal egg shapes, or even beautiful walls. When someone creates a wall of protection, it is often generated from fear, suspicion, jealousy, or similar emotions. Fear and other emotions at that level are energetically dense and jagged. In short, protection barriers interfere with receiving the good as well as the negative.

Step-by-Step Generating Your Fountain of Energy
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Tina is a fourth generation psychic medium, specializing in medical intuition and teaching it internationally. She has worked in the mental health field as a registered nurse with a national board specialty certification in mental health nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Association; and, is a Gestalt trained counselor.

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