What is Distance Energy Healing?

Reiki energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world and can be very effective. Distance Healing sessions are 30 minutes long. You will speak on the phone to discuss your issue and get set up, receive the Reiki energy, then speak again afterwards for feedback and questions. Distance Energy Healing is very effective for hospitalized patients or for clients to far away from the Los Angeles area.

Distance healing works with the energetic connection, through a conscious intention, between you, the energy healer, and the Source of all energy. The energy healer is just a conduit between the Source of all energy and your individual energy. [Think of Distance Healing as a lamp(YOU) with a power cord (Reiki Practitioner) plugged into a wall socket(Universal Source).

The Energy reaches all of us instantly, wherever we are! We are Energy! We just need to make the intention and connect energetically with the Energy through the “facilitator”.

What Can I Expect During a Distance Energy Healing Session?

At the scheduled time, in a quiet place, free of noise and distractions, sit in a comfortable chair, or lie down on a bed, and close your eyes. Make the intention to connect energetically or in thought with Wayne McDonald – mentally say: “I’m receiving an energy healing session from Wayne”. Without expectations, just be aware of your body. There is no need to meditate or focus on anything. Just relax and enjoy!

You may feel at the beginning of the session a tingling sensation or peace. Or you may feel at the end of the distance session the tingling sensation or a gentle comeback to your normal consciousness. If you don’t feel anything, it’s completely fine! Always be open to the Healing Energy and know your whole body has energetically received the Healing Energy.

What are the Benefits of Receiving Distance Energy Healing?

• Results can often be far quicker than hands-on treatment
• You don’t have to go anywhere to receive the healing (use the comfort of your own home!)
• It can reach all parts of the world quickly and easily
• Your privacy is always maintained – no one has to know that you are receiving the healing sessions

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Disclaimer: These services are NOT a substitute for medical care or advice.